Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shepard Fairey moly

Hi guys,

hope you all are going fine.
I'm finally finished my contribution to Shepard Fairey moly - sorry, i know that it took too much time.

Barbara, I'm really sorry - I impacted your contribution, first it was just a finger in blue color, than i've done something with... Sorry again.

I'm still being working on Mucha book!



Joey463 said...

This is awesome! Great work!

Nat said...

thank you, thank you so much! :)

barbaraluel said...

Nataly don't be sorry: it is AMAZING work!!!!! With total respect of my contribution!!!

Nat said...

Thank you Barbara! And especially thank for japanese paper you left - I used a small part of it for elephants and white flowers.

albina said...


3mw said...

Wow. Very cool. Are those angry birds? Great transition.

Nat said...

thank you guys and yes - those are angry birds :)