Monday, November 28, 2011

joey's book: take 2

... my work on this book is ... finished  :) and I will be ready to send it on in a day or two. Melissa, are you ready for more moly fun?!

moly_x_82: joey's book, albina's entry

moly_x_82: joey's book, joey's and albina's entries

I used paper for collage, acrylic, sharpie, ink, white pen, and bits of red tape with numbers in this contribution. Shepard Fairey's Commanda was an inspiration point, and I did use bits of the SF's printed design in the collage portion of my drawing. The rest of it is me, trying to stick to my own playful morbidity, while paying the homage and staying with a theme.

joey's book update

Hello, everyone. This is a detail of my drawing for Joey's book, photo taken with my phone. I am waiting for pages to dry to take more photos... Until  then :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hi guys,
I finally finished my entry in Frida Kahlo book :) Sorry for the bad quality but it s taken with my mobile phone.
Please remind me, who should I sent it to?


Friday, November 11, 2011

Albina's Book; My Entry

Albina's Book; My Entry by 3MW

Think I'm almost done with my entry in Albina's book. Are sirens gods or monsters? You decide. Followed this image as my inspiration. I hope you will be pleased, Albina. I had fun working in your book...once I got over the fear.

Edgar Brandt's cards to keep with compliments from me.

Just a quick note to remind you that in the back pocket of Brandt's moly there are cards waiting for you. Please choose whichever you like. All the best!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tim’s Mucha/Terra Mash-Up

I’m about 95% sure this is done, so I’m posting it and going to sleep on it. Here’s a few process shots...

Loved trying to mimic the beautiful typography that Mucha used. He employed so many different styles it was tough to settle on one.

After I got to this point it took a lot of courage to start the inking on Terra.

It took another leap of faith to add color, but I did a high resolution scan at this stage just in case I ruined it.

Since I did some of the work on this live in a Google+ Hangout, I think you should all enjoy Terra’s love-letter to G+, Hangin’ Out

I used just about every drawing and painting tool in the kit for this image, including pencils, Micron pens, Pitt pens, watercolor pencils (w/wash), regular colored pencils, gold acrylic ink (w/nib pen) and Copic markers! I think it all paid off and I can’t wait to see what you guys do with it next!

Speaking of which...where does this get sent off to?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Barbara's book - work in progress

Just started working on Barbara's "Pierre Alechinsky" book... I already got some fun with it - I really like Barbara's style and her interpretation of Alechinskiy. I tried to follow the same lines, colors, etc.. Bit have to think a bit about what else to draw - it's not so easy! ...