Friday, January 20, 2012

Discovering Shepard Fairy

I'm discovering the treasures of Shepard Fairy! Don't know yet what I will do as that is a new artist for me, apart from the Obama portrait I don't now him..............
The book looks fantastic !!!

Should I try wheat pasting?
Shepard Fairy in pencil? Or should I try mixed media and drawing ink? ............ many questions. It's a great project!!!
Hey guys, i'm a bit lost with this artist !
Ha Joey I hope I don't stress you now and you're not afraid I ruin your Moly? ;)
Nono won't ruin it. i find already some nice paper and will do something with collage I think.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Klimt moly ready to go to Slovakia

Klimt moly is ready :-)
I don't know about you, but I seem to have problems taking photos of the work I do in moly sketchbooks. What's your favourite way? Do you have any tips to get really great detail and accuracy? I would appreciate your help here. Perhaps you could share with the knowledge about the equipment you use (do you scan your artwork? or maybe you photograph it?).

Monday, January 2, 2012

"Aleshinsky" book ready to go to Ella!

Hey guys,

First of all - again Happy New year to everyone!

I finally finished my contribution to Barbara's "Aleshinsky" book and now I can say that it was one of most interesting, difficult and sure the most full of symbols work for me. To explain it a bit:
- on left - something I like accordingly to announced "Choice in your life" topic (species, books, jazz - honestly was not easy to add something to Barbara's contribution, I like everything she've already drawn :));
- central part - street in Brussels under rain. There are 2 reasons for this pic: Brussels is the city where Aleshinsky lived and it's rainy here last time. I wrote also the lyrics of "Il peut pleuvoir..." ("It could be rainy") of Jacques Brel who was from Brussels as well;
- on the right - a kind of more direct dedication to Aleshinsky, jewish dance and cobra "Cobra" :)

Paintings of Aleshinsky in collaboration with Christian Dotremont gave me some tips for composition.

Barbara, I hope in general I followed your idea - at least I've tried ;)
I'm ready to send this book to Ella.

PS: almost forgot... notes on the left side ... I just hadn't enough space on the right page and draw it on the left, but it's additionally to the dance. Who wants - can try to play this small part :)

Tim's MUCHA book is ready?

Tim, I think I'm done with your book................................
I added a frieze on the left of your drawing. Or shall I fill the white paper up with a pattern?
I hope you like it

Nataly, are you ready to receive it?


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tim's Muchabook in progress

Tim, I started your book today, on new year's day ! Should be a great start of the year! I will finish it certainly tomorrow and post it still the coming week.
It's a woman (of course! Mucha's beautiful women...) collecting flowers (Mucha's marvelous flowers) and the rest of Tim's stars, to have a great start of the new year... .
I just don't know yet how to continue the hair on the right for the next entry to continue easily. I will probably end in some Art Nouveau curls :-)

Happy new year to everyone!