Monday, December 31, 2012

Natalia's book

Dear all,

Here is my entry in Natalia's book.
I found it very difficult allthough I love Klimt !!!

I made an interpretation of Klimt's major work in Brussels in Palais Stoclet. It is a very secret place no one is let in to visit, so I did it by pictures in books of course.

Did everyone do an entry? The book is not full at all ! But I suppose so, since Natalia is next in the list.

Natalia I hope you like it?
When you are in Brussels I will bring you the book.

Happy neww year to everyone!!!



Nat said...

First of all - Happy New Year to everyone!
Let this year bring to all of us a lot of joy, happiness and prosperity!

Barbara, your entry is amazing - thank you so much! I'm waiting now to see my book with contributions - it will be the 1st book in 5 (!) x-changes, which i will finally get back ))

I didn't yet sent the Frida moly because i just came today in Brussels. But it is with me, safe and sound, and i will send it to Ella.

From my side, i'm ready to get new moly to draw, if we still have it in the group.

barbaraluel said...

Hey this is scary: do so many books get lost??? :-(

Nat can you remind me your address again? Thank you

barbaraluel said...

Hi Nataly!
Did you find your moly? Did I put it in the correct mailbox?

Nat said...

Hello Barbara, all,

Sorry for the silence - was very busy.
I got molly and thank you - thank you -thank you!!! That's an AMAZING book! Thank you all so much for contributions!

As said, that's the first molly which is coming back to me :)

I'd like to continue it, there are a lot of pages. Please let me know, if you wish to do so.

albina said...

Barbara, this entry is amazing! And Nataly is very lucky that we all did our best and she has the finished book - yay!