Monday, November 28, 2011

joey's book: take 2

... my work on this book is ... finished  :) and I will be ready to send it on in a day or two. Melissa, are you ready for more moly fun?!

moly_x_82: joey's book, albina's entry

moly_x_82: joey's book, joey's and albina's entries

I used paper for collage, acrylic, sharpie, ink, white pen, and bits of red tape with numbers in this contribution. Shepard Fairey's Commanda was an inspiration point, and I did use bits of the SF's printed design in the collage portion of my drawing. The rest of it is me, trying to stick to my own playful morbidity, while paying the homage and staying with a theme.


3mw said...

WOW!! That is amazing. What a great blend of your personal style with his chosen artist. Ready for it!!
Tim...I'll be sending albina's on to you this week, too.

How's everyone else doing. Did everyone make an entry in their own book, yet?

barbaraluel said...


I just received Tim's book yesterday, and my book left a copple of weeks ago

EscapeHatch said...

Wow! This looks incredible! And Albina’s Beardsley book is headed my way! Awesome! And Barbara got my Mucah book! Epic! This group rawks!

Joey463 said...

I really like this! I especially like the spray can idea. Great work !

Nat said...

WAAAW!!! just amazing! Absolutely love it!