Sunday, March 11, 2012

working on Klimt

Hello everybody,
finally I am working on Klimt moly. I didn't want to just copy some of his work, so I tried to find some interesting fact about him and I found out, that he has one weird nightmare that was haunting him for his whole life. It was dream about women swimming naked in deep water. I don't know why it was so frustrating for him, most of the men would find that dream very appealing, wouldn't they? :)
Soooo, this is my idea for the entry. The golden circle was already there so I tried to somehow include it into the drawing.


and finally!! finished!

Scan-120312-0001 copy


3mw said...

Nice entry, Danica. It's neat to hear the stories of how everyone is finding their inspiration and making such thoughtful and gorgeous opposed to just an "in the style of" type drawing. Amazing stuff!

barbaraluel said...

super indeed ! great composition ! Very "Klimt" also!

Nat said...

a great entry! i like colors, and idea, everything... I'm waiting so much my moly came back to me with all these wonderful contributions )