Sunday, February 26, 2012

Joey's book !

Hi everybody!
I finally managed to find time to work on Joey's Shephard Fairy.
I chose to work with this image of the woman peeping from behind two curtains, because it is how I feel: peeping behind a dark curtain, to darker sides of life, and peeping behind a light curtain, to sunny sides of life. What will the future be? Some important choices are to be made. It will surely be a mixture of both, as life is seldom black and white...
The curtains are a collage of fine japanese paper. The drawing is in Amsterdam Acrylic and ink.

So Tim, did you catch up or do I bring the book to Nathaly (I'm not totally sure to be ready yet. I have to sleep on it until next weekend). Is it OK if I make only 2 pages? Or should I absolutely make a 3rd one?


Tim Clary said...

Oh wow! This is beautiful!

Alright, that’s it...all other projects are on the backburner until I get at least one of these books done! So sorry to hold up the group. :(

And Barbara, I think it’s fine if you want to skip me again, I doubt that I will finish both of the ones I have before the end of this week at least.

Joey463 said...

Nice work ! I like how you collaged the Japanese paper !

barbaraluel said...

Hi I added a more detailed picture. I think I won't add any colors!
Hei Tim don't feel bad: you're not holding us up at all: we go on and you'll get the books later when you're ready! I can work on them now but I will be too busy later on in may-june when the office will go crazy so I might have to skip turns then! :-)

barbaraluel said...

So I'll bring it to Nat this weekend then?

albina said...

Great addition! Love the mystery and simplicity, Barbara !!!

Tim, you just do what you can, when you can -- Barbara is right, we all had/will have times when we are unavailable or unable to keep to the moly schedule... I had to ask Joey to hang on to the book earlier, because I was traveling :) I am sure it will happen again sometime. plus, this group is moving at lightning speed!!!!!!!!!

3mw said...

Wow barbara. That's a great follow up to the wallpaper(ish) pattern that was left behind from my entry. This is one amazing book.
Also want to chime in on what's been said about the exchange. Everyone just goes at their own pace. I know that if I don't get to the books right away that I never will. But that is what works for ME. Do what you can, and most importantly, keep on checking in like we all have been and it evens out in the end. This is such a great group!! I can hang onto the Frida book for a few weeks and see who is "open" for it next. If it's Tim. great, if not, we'll move it on to someone else. Ok?

barbaraluel said...

If Tim isn't ready you can send it to me. I'm next. I can send it to Tim afterwards! I am looking forward to Frida!
Yes we are at lightning speed! The inconvenience about that is that we will soon have all our entries done... :-( But then we can just start a new one on new themes! :-))

barbaraluel said...

I still didn't send the book to Nataly because she's abroad. I'm waiting for her to tell me she's back and then I'll drop it in het mailbox immediateley.
I will put some spare japanese paper in the back pocket, so if someone is inspired he can use some for collage. It might be nice to find the same pattern somewhere further in the book?