Monday, February 13, 2012

danica's book is done and ready to go!

Hello, everyone! I have finished Danica's Frida-inspired book, and it will be going out to Melissa today.

Little about the image I created: Frida's work is very personal, often depicting physical pain and emotional suffering she had to live with, and because of the abundance of self-portraits, it was hard for me to figure out how to best creatively interpret spirit of Frida without simply copying her work. I also really didn't want to dive into self-portrature :) What I ended up doing is drawing on the iconography of Frida Kahlo, but not exactly on her style of painting. Three of her pantings served as a basis for my interpretation : The Two Fridas - heart and stormy skies; Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird - I used the elements of her necklace from that wonderful portrait, though I changed the form of thorns; Roots - plant vines. Here is the result, "Roots and Wings":

moly_x_82: danica's book, albina's entry


3mw said...

This is gorgeous. What a thoughtful entry. I love the creativity you brought to this image and how you followed different sources for inspiration. Can't wait to see it in person!!

barbaraluel said...


Joey463 said...

Wow! This is incredible !

Nat said...

Such a beautiful picture! Seems that "Frida molly" will be one of most impressive in this exchange. Amazing!