Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ode to Frida

molyx82 Frida Theme by 3MW
molyx82 Frida Theme, a photo by 3MW on Flickr.

For this book I employ Frida's frequent theme of devastating loss. A little back story on this entry will probably help. I am blind in one eye. My parents and doctor don't know if I was able to see before they removed a cataract at age 4, but it is doubtful. Borrowing from two elements in the first entry of this book, I resurrected the red ribbon and cut out motifs. Frida often used banners and text within her work. Within the red banner I have written "Vero cleramente con uno, lo que es invisibe para dos." Which can be loosely translated to mean "I see clearly with one what is invisible with two." For the cut out, I removed the area where my right eye should be. This was a somewhat cathartic piece.

I found myself looking at "A few small nips," "The two Fridas" and of course the many self portraits. There are several works with split backgrounds, and I used that concept to help transition from the gray clouds of albina's entry into by own. Danica, I hope this meets your approval. For those of you who still need to work in this book, I found the following site particularly helpful for its visual timeline.


barbaraluel said...

Wow Melissa! I am speecless! This is STRONG work!!! Barbara

Danica Jurkovicova said...

wow, amazing! thank you very much, that you put a piece of yourself in my book :)
I am a little bit behind, because I spent holidays in mountains and now I'm sick and not feeling very well. Hopefully I will get to the books next week.

3mw said...

Thanks ladies. Tim, what's up my man? You're sitting on a few and I'm going to want to ship this out next week (still playing with some highlights) Can you let us know where you are with current books? We re-routed last time so you could catch up.

Nat said...

Wow, Melissa, I'm sooo impressed by the story and by your work! It's something o personal and - I fully agree with barbara - so STRONG!

e.w.walters said...

Melisa, I agree with previous comments. Your work is incredibly strong and thought-provoking! Thank you for sharing with us a part of your private world.

albina said...

It IS very impressive how you took something so personal and was brave to translate it into an impressive piece of art -- bravo! I love the message in the banner!!! Again, so very courageous of you to share!