Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hello moly x-82!

Hi all,

I will make no long introduction - just want to say that we are now 8 and we can start ;)
"We" means:
- 3MW (Melissa, tell us pls where are you based);
- Barbara Luel (Belgium, Brussels);
- Belle_vue_ (Belgium, Brussels);
- Joey463 (Joseph are you from USA?);
- Outofhands (Albina, your country?);
- Prawnpiri (Ela, same question);
- Sajuri (Slovakia in profile?);
- Tim Clary (USA?).

We have to decide who will send moly to who.

But before sending we all have to decide on theme.

My proposal:

Option 1: we can choose 8 artists, 1 per participant and the moly of everyone will be done in the style of this artist. For example, I will choose Klimt and Tim will choose Moucha. That means that my moly will be dedicated to Klimt and all participants of this x-change will draw in my moly whatever they wants but trying make an imitation of style of Klimt. In the moly of Tim everyone has to draw in Moucha's style, etc.

Option 2: we still choosing 8 artist, 1 per participant, but then everyone is following only the style of chosen artist in the moly os other participants. For ex., Sajuri will choose Frida Kahlo and she will draw in style of Frida in all molies.

I'd rather like to take the 1st option because it's more difficult (you have to draw not only in style of your favorite artist but try to do well something you maybe don't like so much) and due to this more professional and more interesting. Mollies will be also more harmonic.

We can also think about theme (apart of style) - each will have his own theme for his moly or we can take 1 common theme and (if we choose option 1) check later how different same theme can be interpreted using different but known styles.

All your ideas are most than welcome!

I can only start the list of artist - to be completed / commented by you:
- Gustav Klimt;
- Alphonse Moucha;
- Frida Kahlo;....

So... will be waiting to your ideas, and we can't wait to get this ball rolling! :)

PS: I've already started with my book :)


Danica Jurkovicova said...

Hello everybody! Im leaving for vacation and a workshop so I'll be gone for 2 weeks. I like opt.1 but feel free to decide for whatever else :) Looking forward to start!

3mw said...

Hi, all. I prefer option 1, to see how each of the 8 artists interpret my chosen artist...Edward Hopper

Joey463 said...


I'm Joey. I live in Seattle, Washington.

I like Option #1. Now I just have to think of an artist.