Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hi everyone.
I see that Anna Denise has set up our blog. Since I will be leaving for vacation this weekend I wanted to make a quick introduction so that if you don't hear from me next week, you know I am still very interested in this group.

I am Melissa from Pennsylvania (USA). I'm a high school art teacher and currently participating in two other groups - mxportraits1 and molyx25 and am a moderator for some of the moly groups and the flickr group. Looking forward to getting to know everyone in this exchange. I'm pretty handy with excel and have made progress charts for some of the other groups to keep the artists organized. Will be glad to help out in this exchange in any way I can.

In the initial comments I had posted another artist's name, but I have been rethinking my selection. Currently thinking I would love to have everyone do an Eric Carle style entry in my book (does not have to be a child theme, however).

Be back in touch after August 20th.

Melissa (3MW)


Nat said...

Hi Melissa,

Just posted about group :) If you are pressed in time, maybe you will tell us which artist you will choose and will share other your ideas?

And thanks a lot for you proposal about support - it will help a lot!


3mw said...

Pennsylvania (USA)
I have selected Edward Hopper and prefer option 1. Thanks!

albina said...

hi, Melissa :)

Joey463 said...

Hey Melissa,

I think it would be great to have you do an excel form for the exchange. With as many artists as we have it would keep us organized. Thanks.


barbaraluel said...

Hi Melissa,

yes an excel file works great to keep up with the status of the books. In the Moly_X_3 it is just put in the blog available to everybody to enter when he received who's book and when he send it away, so you don't have to do all the work.