Friday, August 12, 2011

Post & Comments

Hi Everyone,

First I want to introduce myself. I am Joey. I live in Seattle, Washington. I like to draw and paint. I also paint Murals when it is nice out (Seattle: it rains alot here). I have a blog of my drawings and other stuff @ . Check it out, it is good for a laugh. I am also a part of Moly_X_81 . I am excited about this exchange. It should be fun.

As for this blog, is it possible to set us all up for emails when there is a new post or comment. I would do it myself but I dont have access to it.




Nat said...

Hi Joey,

Thank you for introduction. Will be waiting to know how is your artist!

Regarding mail notifications, I 'd like receive it also. Seems that I'm admin but (i've tried twice) I cannot do it :( I will check it again!


albina said...

hi, Joey :)