Thursday, August 25, 2011

Site Notifications

I just set it up so everyone should get an email when anyone posts or comments on this blog. Please confirm with a comment that you received an email. It will help us stay organized.

Also , wasn't someone talking about making up a schedule in Excel for exchanging? That would be really helpful. I cant wait to get working on these books :)

Oh I also linked all our names to our flickr pages.



3mw said...

Thanks Joey!
That was me who volunteered. I assume we are going to try to ship domestically whenever possible? (i.e. Once the book hits a given country, all artists in that country would have it before sending on to another country?) I'm going to try to send an email to you all so you can send your proper shipping address so we can make the list.
Melissa (3MW)

3mw said...

Just sent the email to each of you from my gmail account. Please reply back to that with your shipping address. Thanks!

EscapeHatch said...

Thanks for setting that up Joey. I'm now receiving transmissions.

albina said...

Thanks! notifications received.
About shipping -- I mentioned in my first post that I would very much like to ship books to someone in the US, since I had international shipping in my previous groups... please :)
Also, have we figured out our book format (large or small) yet?

barbaraluel said...

I received it well! My address: Barbara Luel Pecheur , rue des Merisiers 55, B-1170 Bruxelles. Belgium

Joey463 said...

My vote is for large. I think they are easier to work in.

Nat said...

thanks Joey, notification received