Tuesday, August 16, 2011

List of artists

Hi all,

Seems we already finished with list of artists - please correct me, if I'm wrong.

- 3MW - Guiseppe Arcimboldo
- Barbara Luel - Pierre Alechinskiy;
- Belle_vue_ - Gustav Klimt;
- Joey463 - Shepard Fairy;
- Outofhands - Aybrey Beardslay;
- Prawnpiri - Edgar Brandt;
- Sajuri - Frida Kahlo;
- Tim Clary - Mucha.

that looks nice - very different styles, very different artists :)


EscapeHatch said...

I call Mucha!

Nat said...

sorry, i changed

barbaraluel said...

I will choose Pierre Alechinsky !
when do we start? :))
large or small moly?
kisses from Brussels,


3mw said...

This looks awesome. I'm back from vacation. Do we have a projected ship date for first round?