Sunday, August 21, 2011

Barbara's intro : Pierre Alechinsky

Hi Everybody!!!

Trying to catch up coming back from some holidays!
I am really axcited about participating in this group!
So I wil introduce myself :
I am 39, living in Brussels, exercising as an architect doing conservation and restoration of monuments and art works and doing some art myself in my free time :)). I do mainly watercolor.
My Flickr page :
I am also in another moly exchange group that is working quite well :

As artist I hesitated a long time and finally choose Pierre Alechinsky :
I like his painting and the structure of his painting especially, with mostly the contrast of a coloured paint in the center of the artwork and then a "promenade" in the margin around the colors with a "story" in black ink like a cartoon. So feel free not necessarily to imitate his forms but you can use your own style of painting and make a story about your view of life in the Pierre Alechinsky structure style. Like for example his great painting of central park here above. Feel also free to make a collage! (he does it as well: mainly japanese paper on canvas for the promenades in chinese ink).

I would also like to propose for this particular moly theme to use the large folding moly? What do you think? I know it's more exxpensive to send probably...

Looking forward to start!



Nat said...

Hi Barbara, what a good surprise was to see today already 2 works - of you and of Tim! Really like this idea with Aleshinskiy - in time of Cobra they just didn't have moly x-change :)))))

I already started with a small moly, but I'm ok to draw in the large also if someone use large moly.

barbaraluel said...

Hi Natalia !
Hei this is not my own work I posted, but an original Alechinsky image for those who would maybe not imediately know him... !!! ;))
I just need to know then also if everybody is OK also to pay the post fees to send the big Moly's around? :)
See you soon!