Friday, August 12, 2011


Hello, everyone!

Just a note of introduction: my name is albina (you will see me as "outofhands" on various sites, like flickr). I live in Chicago area. You can find more info and also see my artwork and photos here:

I am happy with the new idea of different artists for different books, and think option 1 is the best -- it will give each book a very lovely cohesive quality. Since it appears that Klimt and Mucha were taken, I am calling dibs on Aubrey Beardsley (just google him if you are not familiar with his art and style).

I am with Joey on the e-mail notification set-up -- perhaps our moderator can set it up, it would be great to get updates without having to run to the blog all the time.

And one last thing, as preference goes, I would love to send moly books to someone in the US, as I had international destinations in 4 previous moly_x exchanges... That is if that can be arranged.

Looking forward to this exchange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very Mucha :)


Nat said...

Hi Albina,

Thank you for that and Aubrey Beardslay is one of my favorite, cool that I've chosen him!

I will check to keep you inside US zone for sending mollies.

I will also check how to do with mail notifications in this blog.


albina said...

Hi, Nat. Does it mean we will have 2 Beardsley-themed books -- one for you and one for me? Is it OK if we do? It is definitely OK with me :)

Now, about e-mail notifications: if you are an admin then you should be able to see in the blogger dashboard a bar that has "settings" in it. Click on "settings" and go to "mobile and e-mail", leave "Posting using email" disabled, and in the box next to "Comment Notification Email" enter e-mail addresses for all the people in the group. Save settings and we should be able to go!

Joey463 said...

Yeah international does get spendy. I'm sending to Germany in my other exchange . I feel your pain :)

Nat said...

2Albina; no, i already chosen Klimt for my book but i like sooo much Beardslay - just really glad that i will have possibility to try to draw something in his style

barbaraluel said...

Beardsley looks wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!